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OFT for the year 2023-24

Sl.No. Title of OFT No. of Trials
1 Assessment of Paddy varieties for Navarai season at Ariyalur district 5
2 Assessment of Groundnut varieties under irrigated condition in Ariyalur district 3
3 Assessment of Blackgram varieties under garden land condition at Ariyalur District 5
4 Assessment of  organic nutrient management techniques in traditional  rice variety –  Karuppu Kavuni 5
5 Assessment of the performance of Tapioca varieties for higher yield 3
6 Assessment of foliar nutrition for getting higher yield in chilli (green purpose) 3
7 Assessment of off season flowering in Jasmine through nutrient management. 5
8 Assessment of cover crops for weed management in Cashewnut gardens 5
9 Assessment on management of chilli leaf – curl disease 5
10 Assessment of TNAU food baited traps for female fruit flies in gourds 5
11 Assessment on management of nematodes in Tuberose 5
12 Assessment on TNAU Nano Bia against Tea Mosquito Bug (TMB) in Cashew 5
13 Assess the performance of ecto-parasiticide on small ruminants 5
14 Assessment of lumpy skin disease management practices in cattle 5
15 Assessment of suitable Finger millet (Ragi) varieties (ATL 1 & KMR-630 ) for Value addition 3
16 Assessment of Quality Parameters of Millet substituted Flavoured Milk 5
17 Assessment of composting  of Sugarcane trash using different   microbial  decomposers  towards Climate Smart Agriculture 5


Front Line Demonstration

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FLD for the year 2023-24


Sl.No. Title of FLD No. of Demonstration
1 Demonstration of paddy variety ADT 58 for Thaladi season 10
2 Demonstration of Non – lodging paddy variety CO 56 for  samba season 10
3 Demonstration of VBN 4 cowpea as intercrop in Cashewnut under rainfed condition 10
4 Demonstration of Maize hybrid COH(M) 8 10
5 Demonstration on Winter Jasmine variety CO 1 for higher yield 10
6 Demonstration of banana variety CO 2 10
7 Demonstration on Elephant foot yam variety CO 1 5
8 Demonstration of PLR 3 variety in Jack fruit 5
9 Demonstration on Refined IPM Module for Fall Armyworm in Maize 5
10 Demonstration on Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Cotton 10
11 Demonstration on management of early shoot borer in Sugarcane 5
12 Demonstration on Stem and Pod rot management in Groundnut 10
13 Demonstration of Nano guard egg tray 10
14 Demonstration Harit Dhara as a feed supplement in dairy cattle to augment milk yield 10
15 Pangas Catfish (Pangasianodon hypophthalmus) culture in Lined ponds 3
16 Demonstration on Domestic Solar Dryer for drying domestic agricultural products 5
17 Demonstration on Slot modifications in Paddy drum seeder for wet seeded Rice 5
18 Demonstration of Different Value Added Products from Milk 5


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