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OFT for the year 2022-23

Sl.No. Title of OFT Name of the village No. of Trials
1 Assessment of Green gram varieties for Ariyalur district Thirumanur 5
2 Assessment of Groundnut varieties under irrigated condition in Ariyalur district Keelakudikadu 5
3 Assessment of banana varieties for higher yield Veerakkan 5
4 Assessment of Chilli hybrids for higher yield Asthinapuram 5
5 Assessment of high yielding Tomato hybrids Asthinapuram 5
6 Assessment of Elephant foot yam varieties for higher yield Pilichikuzhi 5
7 Assessment of pod rot management in Groundnut Thirumanur 5
8 Assessment of different types of herbal powder incorporated instant nutria-drink Keelakudikadu 5
9 Assessment of drudgery reduction of different weeders in Rice Veerakkan 5
10 Assessment of small ruminant specific minerals mixture on production performance of goats in Ariyalur district Asthinapuram 5
11 Assessment of different ecto-parasiticidal for managing ecto-parasite infestation in dairy Veerakkan 5

Front Line Demonstration

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On Going

FLD for the year 2022-23


Sl.No. Title of FLD Name of the Village No. of Demonstration
1 Demonstration on Paddy TRY 5 variety for saline soil in Ariyalur District Keelakudikadu 10
2 Demonstration on Finger millet (Ragi) variety ATL-1 under Rainfed condition Asthinapuram 10

Demonstration on Cotton variety CO 17 under HDP system in Ariyalur district

Kelakudikadu 10
4 Demonstration of Maize hybrid COH(M) 8 Veerakkan 5
5 Demonstration on Foliar application of chemicals by Drones for Field crops Thirumanur 10
6 Demonstration on Post flood nutrient management practices for Cotton Athukuruchi 5
7 Demonstration on Zero till seed drill for rice follow pulses in delta region of Ariyalur District Asthinapuram 10
8 Demonstration of disease resistant Groundnut variety VRI 10 Asthinapuram 5
9 Demonstration of seed production techniques in Daincha Keelakudikadu 10
10 Demonstration of Cluster bean Variety MDU-1 Asthinapuram 5
11 Demonstration of  Rapid Multiplication techniques in Banana Venmankodam 2
12 Demonstration of  Integrated crop management  in Drumstick Asthinapuram 5
13 Demonstration on False smut disease management practices in Samba Paddy Venmankodam 10
14 Demonstration on Integrated pest management in Chilli Venmankodam 5

Demonstration on Pokka boeng disease management in sugarcane

Venmankodam 10
16 Demonstration on IPM in Brinjal  Asthinapuram 5
17 Demonstration of Nutrition Garden in DFI village Venmankodam 10
18 Demonstration of TNAU fruity fresh to improve shelf life of fruits and vegetables Venmankodam 10

Demonstration of super grain bag to store pulses

Venmankodam 5
20 Demonstration of ARKA Herbi wash Veerakkan 3
21 Demonstration on value added products in Moringa Asthinapuram 5
22 Demonstration on Prosyn NC in augmenting fertility through estrous synchronization in dairy cows Thirumanur 10
23 Demonstration of rumen bypass fat to meet out the energy deficiency in dairy cow Venmankodam 10
24 Demonstration on milk replacer for lambs/kids Veerakkan 10
25 Demonstration on AMS beads in control of cocciodosis in desi birds Athukuruchi 10
26 Demonstration of  Sugarcane Expert System  in Android mobile app Thirumanur 25
27 Demonstration of Android based ICAR – IASRI Backyard Poultry Farming app Asthinapuram 25
28 Demonstration of TANUVAS Android based  Feed calculator app for cattle Venmankodam 25


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